Rise & Shine: Angst looms over new teacher evaluation model

Schools and the General Assembly are back in session; fired principal speaks out and the rest of your morning headlines

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Most Colorado school children return to the classroom this week, as does the state’s General Assembly. How much funding education will receive will be a main focus of lawmakers this year.

Additionally, the speaker of the House would like to cherry pick some of the accountability and transparency laws Amendment 66, which failed in November, would have established.


Since you’ve been asking, EdNews becomes Chalkbeat Colorado tomorrow.

Angst over mostly new evaluations remains high for Colorado teachers. This year, all teachers will be evaluated based on their student test scores.

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A former Boulder charter school principal said, publicly for the first time, she was fired after raising concerns over practices she believed were stigmatizing the school's low-income students.

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Through a residency model, would-be teachers spend four days a week in a classroom with a mentor at Friends’ School in Boulder.

Opinion: The money spent on new teacher training does little to boost the quality teacher. However, an apprenticeship model could change all of that.

Opinion: A North Carolina parent pleads to raise teacher pay: “The brand that attracted us—’the education state’—sounds like a grim joke.”

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Citing harmful effects of marijuana has on teenagers, a Colorado addiction center has doubled its staff.

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A record number of youth in Larimer earned their GED this year through a work program.

The GED has a new look, and a new price tag (nearly double), to align with Common Core standards and workplace skills.

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to back full day pre-school in his state of state address.

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There is no correlation between expulsions and safety, a new report on zero-tolerance policies finds.

Meanwhile, some schools no longer want to serve as polling centers out of safety concerns.

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Opinion: “If teachers are for it, that’s enough for me.” Or why I’m giving Common Core a chance.

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