Rise & Shine: Boasberg defends mutual consent on eve of lawsuit from teachers union

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No student went hungry, department of education officials assured state lawmakers after an audit released Tuesday revealed Colorado missed out on $2.2 million in federal aid for the free or reduced lunch program.

Teacher layoffs

State budget analysts had harsh criticism for the Department of Higher Education’s proposed performance funding plan was unusually harsh. " ... it’s not likely to work very well.”


The Denver teachers union is expected to file a lawsuit against Denver Public Schools and its alleged misuse of a provision in Colorado's teacher effectiveness law known as mutual consent.

Denver Superintendent Tom Boasberg defended the districts application of the law, which was passed in 2010.

No Child Left Behind

Proposed legislation, prepared by the Department of Education, would allow school and district performance ratings earned in the 2014-15 school year to be carried over into the following year.

Some school nurses are making preliminary plans while bureaucratic steps have made it difficult for school districts to stock epinephrine, despite a new law that was supposed to make it easier.

GRAD Academy Memphis

The state's budget committee decided to provide relief to three small school districts after a budget fluke resulted in six figure shortfalls based on what’s needed to maintain the districts’ per-pupil funding levels.

graduation rates

The U.S. Department of Education released a list of states — including Colorado — that will receive School Improvement Grants, despite mixed results.

Rhodes College

Colorado's achievement gap is now one of the largest in the nation.

struggling schools

Colorado slipped from fourth to fifth place in a nationwide ranking of states and their charter school policies.

Donna Ford

President Obama didn't offer a new rallying cry around education last night, instead he reiterated his call for early childhood learning.

summer learning loss

Colorado bureau chief Maura Walz explains how Chalkbeat is more than a blog on the KUVO morning show yesterday.