Rise & Shine: Charter schools send signals before big meeting

Plus a looming data dump, a sit-down with the chancellor, and more in today's school news

Anita Norman

A coalition of 27 charters expressed its desire to work with the city ahead of a meeting Saturday with Chancellor Fariña.

Meanwhile, a Brooklyn lawmaker said he would seek state support for charter schools if the city restricts them.

The principal of a planned all-boys charter school said the city's review of previously approved co-locations "feels like revenge."

Student data will be sent to the controversial digital-storage company inBloom starting this summer.

Sasha Obama

Chancellor Fariña outlined her plans for networks, "demonstration" schools, intervention "toolkits," and more.

Sidwell Friends

A retired middle school teacher and Common Core critic is one of more than 20 candidates vying for four Regents seats.

Candice Mcqueen

A former high school teacher says attention should be redirected from the Common Core standards to curriculum.

Jason Levy

An upstate school district will appeal after a state court ruled it broke the law by sending special needs students to private schools.

The New Jersey school system settled a federal lawsuit stemming from a similar practice.

Alan Madison

The city will remove over 400 children from two shoddy homeless shelters, including the one where Dasani lived.