Betsy DeVos

Funding fight

in her own words

on the record

Riding the Success Express

budget brokering

Battleground state

school rules

IPS inspiration

School choices


change at the top

Numbers are in

on the record

Week In Review

charter challenges

trump talks

devos debate



Week In Review

'making american education great again'

Rolling Back Protections

Week In Review

first steps

first semester


in your own words

Week In Review

DeVos vote

I'm with him

getting to know you

for the record

what's next?

cutting for a cause

madam secretary

Tight vote

Divided on DeVos

share your story

ain't over til it's over - and it's over

Heating up

counting votes


Rise & Shine

DeVos Count

Divided on DeVos

Divided on DeVos

DeVos and Detroit

DeVos Divide

Betsy Devos

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