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Readers, tell us how we’re doing. Take our annual audience survey.

Illustrated image featuring two people, one in a red flower-print shirt holding papers and another in a black t-shirt and jeans speaking with them, as well as the text “Chalkbeat wants to hear from you.”
Feedback from Chalkbeat readers is critical to strengthen our journalism.
Photo by Gabby Jones for Chalkbeat | Graphic by Lauren Bryant / Chalkbeat

Readers, we want to hear directly from you.

At Chalkbeat, we’re proud to serve a community of people from across the education landscape, including you. Whether you’re a new reader (Hello!) or a longtime supporter (Thank you!), your input is important to us and the work we do.

We are always working to strengthen our journalism and our newsroom. A crucial part of that is understanding who our readers are and how you engage with us.

Can you help by filling out our annual audience survey?

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes, and your responses will help us understand how we’re doing now, and how to plan the future of Chalkbeat coverage so it meets your needs.

Thank you for sharing your opinion and for being a Chalkbeat reader!

Take the survey:

If you are having trouble viewing the survey on mobile, you can take our reader survey here.

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