Christina Veiga

Chancellor David Banks and Mayor Eric Adams say they’ll support school integration efforts, but are focused on building more high-quality schools.
New York Edge hopes that after-school programming can expand opportunities to students who are typically underrepresented in NYC’s gifted classrooms.
With pandemic-era food assistance winding down, schools and volunteers need help feeding hungry students and fending off food insecurity in their communities.
The plan calls for helping families access care more easily, expanding services to reach 41,000 more children.
Overall, high school applications are down amid declining enrollment, but more students are getting accepted into top-choice schools.
Some blasted NYC’s move to screen all students’ social-emotional skills using an assessment called DESSA. This Brooklyn school has learned to embrace it.
The lessons will roll out as a pilot in fall 2022, with a full implementation planned for 2024.
NYC education officials are adding more than 1,000 seats, most of them as new programs that start in third grade. The city’s gifted programs are deeply segregated.
A review of the upcoming history Regents exam after the racist Buffalo attack uncovered materials with “the potential to compound student trauma.”
The investment will be spread over four years and could help to stabilize an industry shaken by COVID.
Admission to gifted kindergarten programs will continue to be based on teacher recommendations, in lieu of admission based solely on a test administered to preschoolers.
Even if kids aren’t outwardly saying that they’re frightened, they may exhibit behaviors indicating that they are feeling scared.
The information of 820,000 current and former students was accessed by a “malicious actor.” We asked experts for tips on what parents should do next.
The appointments immediately drew ire over anti-gay remarks made by one member and issues of transparency.
Pop-up vaccination clinics begin this week at NYC schools where student vaccination rates lag.