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Sarah Darville is Chalkbeat's managing editor for national. She was previously the bureau chief for Chalkbeat New York and a Google Journalism Fellow.

Major ed reform group is set to push Chicago, Baltimore, Philly schools chiefs for ed secretary

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For these teens, election season has been a political awakening

Here are the issues driving NYC youth to get out the vote.

Election Day is here. These are the education issues and races we’re watching.

Civics and history teachers: How are you bringing the 2020 election into your classroom?

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A new national effort to promote school integration is underway. More than two dozen school districts want in.

How this teacher of the year uses hiking, skiing, and gardening to re-engage middle-schoolers

Schools that don’t physically reopen would lose out on most funding under Republican stimulus bill

Reopening America’s schools is way harder than it should be

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DeVos floats ‘microgrants’ for students, teachers as coronavirus upends schooling

Money for technology, cleaning, summer learning: What the coronavirus stimulus bill means for schools