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April 2014-Present

Sue Lehmann is a former management consultant who started at McKinsey & Company and then worked independently with senior corporate executives to shape their organizations’ strategies and operations. Two assignments in the early 1990s — helping rethink special education in New York City and leading the team that designed the AmeriCorps program — sent her in a new direction. For more than 25 years, Sue has worked alongside nonprofit leaders with systems-changing approaches to helping all children achieve their full potential.

Sue cofounded Chalkbeat with Elizabeth Green. At the same time, with an inspiring group of nonprofit leaders, Sue cofounded and still is facilitating the Student Success Network, a self-governing, connected network of 70 organizations focused on closing the opportunity gap for more than 200,000 students in grades 6-13.

In addition to Chalkbeat, Sue serves on the boards of New Visions for Public Schools; Strive Together National Partnership; and Teach for America, where she is a lifetime director. She is also on the advisory boards of 100Kin10, South Bronx Rising Together, Teach For All, Teach For America – New York, and Teaching Works.