FRIDAY, MAR 21, 2014

2:30 PM

Art from Ashes Stay-At-Home Fundraiser
How much do you spend on a night out? $60? $80? $100? More?! This month we are launching our first ever “Stay-At-Home Campaign,” where we all spend a night in and use those extra bucks we saved for something GREAT - like supporting our favorite cause, Art from Ashes! We will be posting a series of great budget-friendly recipes for you to choose from, leading up to our fantastic "night in." Those who are interested can look at the Facebook event page: and all participants can go there to get involved and receive information during March. Whether you think you will be able to stay in one night this month or not, please support AfA by inviting friends and family! What is Art from Ashes? Art from Ashes empowers struggling youth by providing creative workshops that facilitate health and hope through expression, connection and transformation! Donating one night out to Art from Ashes can provide so much:
  • * A one-time donation of $50 allows us to bring a guest poet/artist to one workshop to inspire and encourage the youth in our programs.
  • * A one-time gift of $100 buys writing materials for two workshops.
  • * A monthly donation of $100 will provide food, water and writing materials for up to 24 workshops a year.
  • * A one-time gift of $250 allows us to publish the youth poems from one 8-week session.
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Mar. 21, 2:30 PM to 11:59 PM


Your house


Devin Ostertag



Your savings from staying home one evening