Master the complexities of New York City Public High School process with expert guidance from Esoteric Academic Solutions (EAS)!

New York City has more than 400 high schools and over 700 programs. Eighth grade or first-time ninth grade students and families who live in New York City have until December 2, 2019 to complete a single High School Application for up to 12 high school programs.At EAS, our team is passionate about helping our parents find the best high school option, and one way we do this is to help them learn unique strategies on how to masters the complexities NYC high school application process. In this seminar, you will learn how to:

— List programs that you believe will help your child learn and grow. Think about your interests, learning needs, and how you would get to and from school.

— List 12 programs on your application. Listing fewer than 12 programs make it less likely you receive an offer from your application.
–Listing fewer programs does not make it more likely that you will receive a top choice.

–List programs in your true order of preference starting with your top choice as #1. High schools cannot see where you rank them and should not ask where you’ve ranked them. Your preference order matters.
Include “target” or “likely-match” programs on your application. What is most important to you when thinking about high school programs that you will put on your application?

–Learn how to find NYC high schools that fit your needs

–How to building a balanced application

Registration is limited to 20 parents and their rising 9th grader, so don’t delay in registering.

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Reminder, your child’s high school application is due on Monday, December 2nd to his/her guidance counselor.


The EAS High School Admissions Team