Mental health services

During a Chalkbeat Philadelphia and Resolve Philly event, students, experts, and educators will weigh in on mental health resources. Here’s our reading guide.
Michigan House lawmakers want schools to have health centers, lockdown kits, updated active-shooter drills, and more.
Students, experts, and educators will discuss their ideas on how CRT debates and proposed book bans are affecting schools. Here’s our reading list.
An advocacy group’s report points to lack of bilingual staff and COVID as big issues.
Advocates: There is a waiting list of 150 school districts that need funding to create school-based health centers
Colorado lawmakers are looking at prevention and early intervention to curb youth violence and make schools safer.
As COVID continues to strain students’ mental health, local universities and nonprofits are helping Newark Public Schools meet students’ needs through counseling, skill-building, and mentoring.
Schools are grappling with how to respond as the area’s tight-knit community of Muslims from Gambia and other West African countries is reeling.
She wants to attract more teachers to New York, provide more mental health resources for schools, and ensure more New Yorkers earn a college degree.
With Foundation Aid on the back burner, education advocates and lawmakers are shifting their focus for the next legislative session.
Inside Trevista elementary school, where preschoolers are singing about feelings and fifth graders are learning about the amygdala.
Chalkbeat asked school psychologist Dr. Kay Streeter how teachers and parents should talk to their children about trauma and the gun violence epidemic in the wake of Young Dolph’s death.
The district said efforts are ongoing to put federal funds toward unfinished learning and supporting students’ social and emotional needs.
One-third of Colorado’s federal coronavirus relief dollars earmarked for mental health should go to children’s programs, teachers and doctors said.
Some teachers feel they don’t know their students well enough to fill out the questionnaire, and many don’t know what comes next.
Federal funding is helping to launch new efforts to screen, counsel, and treat students. But some schools are struggling to fill new mental health roles.
I grew up in foster care. Now I’m a social worker fighting for those facing similar challenges.
Colorado is launching a program to offer children and teens free therapy sessions in response to rising mental health struggles.
Chicago Public Schools will spend $7.5 million for an anti-violence program to reach teens in “high-risk situations.”
How the terror attacks taught valuable lessons about the ways trauma manifests in students and how schools can offer mental health support in the era of COVID-19.
For some students, that anxious feeling is compounded by years of microaggressions or racist comments they’ve experienced in and outside of school.
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