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Screenshot of a Chalkbeat New York newsletter on a mobile device.

A sponsor banner in our top position on Chalkbeat’s New York newsletter

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Chalkbeat newsletters audience size and frequency
Newsletters Newsletter subscribers Frequency
Total subscribers 71,000
Chicago 4,700 daily (M-F)
Colorado 9,500 daily (M-F)
Detroit 3,700 3 times per week
Colorado En Espanol 750 weekly
Indiana 4,800 daily (M-F)
National 34,000 weekly (W)
New York 17,600 daily (M-F)
Newark 3,600 2 times per week
Philadelphia 5,700 2 times per week
Tennessee 5,200 daily (M-F)
How I Teach & After the Bell (teacher audience) 10,000 weekly on Thursdays
Starting Line (early childhood education) 5,000 first Tuesday of each month

Pro Tip

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