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We have bureaus in the following communities: Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, Indiana, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Tennessee. Plus, a national desk that reports on nation-wide trends and policies.

Media kit - spending decision makers

Nearly half of our readers make spending decisions at their organizations, schools and districts.

These district leaders control budgets that total more than $25 billion. And that’s not including state funding or the budgets of our nonprofit leaders.

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Chalkbeat’s readers are professionals, insiders, and equity-minded citizens who live at the center of the education conversation.

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71% of readers

say our newsletters are extremely or very valuable.

For 35% of readers,

Chalkbeat is the only education newsletter they read

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73% of our readers

have an annual income of $75,000 or more.

17% of our readers

have an income of $200,000 or more

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88% of Chalkbeat readers say: “Friends and colleagues often ask my opinions about education news and current affairs.”
71% of Chalkbeat readers say, “I am often the first person in my professional circle to know about developments in education news and current events.”
94% of principals and administrators said they had “Discussed something [they] read in Chalkbeat with teachers or other administrators in the last month.”

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