OPT-OUT AFTERSHOCK The large number of students who skipped this spring’s state standardized tests is throwing a wrench into the high-stakes process of determining the quality of Colorado’s schools. Chalkbeat Colorado

RURAL RECRUITING A warts-and-all immersion tour of small-town Colorado is the latest effort to recruit teachers to rural communities hit hard by a shortage of qualified candidates. Chalkbeat Colorado

HOW I TEACH The 2017 Colorado Teacher of the Year captures his students’ imagination with whiz-bang technology and tries to craft lessons with soul. Chalkbeat Colorado 

PRIVILEGE SURVEY Cherry Creek School District is defending a survey about white privilege that has been given to staff in some form since 2003. 7News, Daily Beast, FOX News

NO ROOM Poudre School District schools are are filled beyond capacity. Coloradoan

ELECTION 2016 Thompson School District is portraying its proposed “substantial” tax increase as a way to catch up to surrounding districts in school funding. Reporter-Herald

The Aspen school district is pitching a renewal of a sales tax as a way to close the school funding gap. Aspen Daily News

STILL NO DIET POP (OR IS IT SODA?) The State Board of Education lifted a ban on diet soda in high school vending machines and school stores, but Garfield School District Re-2 isn’t going for it. Citizen Telegram

TROUBLE FOR TWEET Cañon City High School will discipline 12 students who “liked” a tweet that the school determined to be cyberbullying. Daily Record