Rise & Shine: Denver wants its more affluent schools to open their doors

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It's been a bit of a mad dash in my household today, so I'm going to get straight to the news.

Denver school officials hope more of its affluent schools agree to give preference to students from low-income families in their choice process. A pilot program already has helped a lot of students get into East High School who might have lost out in a straight lottery, but the effects at the elementary level have been much more modest. We've got that story, plus the departure of the long-serving superintendent of the tiny Sheridan School District.

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– Erica Meltzer, bureau chief

MAKING ROOM Two years ago, seven Denver schools agreed to give preference to students from low-income families who wanted to “choice in.” Now Denver school district officials are asking nine of its more affluent schools to join them. This is part of the district’s efforts to reduce the segregating effects of gentrification. Chalkbeat

CHANGES Superintendent Michael Clough has headed up the tiny Sheridan district for the last 10 years, but he’s really, really retiring in June. Applications for a new superintendent will be accepted starting next week. Chalkbeat

REAL ESTATE This California company helps teachers with down payment assistance in return for a share of the profits when they sell. Now they’re entering the Denver market with a partnership with DSST. Colorado Public Radio

FALLOUT A Cherry Creek administrator accused of pressuring a 14-year-old student to recant a claim that she had a sexual relationship with a teacher appeared in court for the first time. A state lawmaker has proposed stiffer penalties for school officials who fail to report child abuse. Fox 31ABC 7

NOT FUNNY Douglas County deputies determined a shooting threat at Chaparral High School was not credible. 9 News

NO SMOKING A school nurse in Boulder is concerned by the rise in e-cigarette use among her students. Daily Camera