Rise & Shine: Hate speech scribbled on wall at Cherry Creek high school

Welcome to Election Day!

My earliest election memory is when I was around 7 and I set up a "voting booth" in my bedroom closet in the run-up to a presidential election. I think it involved small pieces of paper hanging from strings, but the details are fuzzy. What I do remember is that after I sent my mom in to vote, she refused to tell me who she voted for. Her point was that voting decisions are private if you want them to be, but I was indignant. How could she keep it a secret after using my voting machine in my room? (Unfortunately, my machine wasn't sophisticated enough to actually record anyone's vote, so I couldn't sneak a peek afterwards.)

Fast forward to today. The good news: My mom told me how she voted this year!

Now, let's hear from you. If you're willing to share how you voted on key education issues and tell us what arguments swayed you in that direction, send us a message at, or just hit reply to this email. (Don't worry, we won't send any 7-year-olds to accost you.)

Stay tuned for our election coverage as the results roll in tonight. We'll be tracking Amendment 73, the governor's race, the State Board of Education race, the fate of local school tax measures, and more.

Happy voting!

— Ann Schimke, senior reporter

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