The city of Detroit will soon have six new residents when new Detroit schools superintendent Nikolai Vitti arrives with his wife and four kids.

Vitti says he’s determined to live “in the city limits” but hasn’t yet identified a house or neighborhood.

“We haven’t found a particular place, though obviously we’ve been looking online,” Vitti told Chalkbeat in an interview Saturday. “It’s a matter of finding the right house at the right price.”

We at Chalkbeat don’t know much about real estate. But we live in the city and are either raising or have already raised kids here. So, since Vitti hasn’t lived in the area in years, we’ll pass along some unsolicited advice.

With four kids, the Vittis will need a large house in a family-friendly neighborhood. Since Vitti says he plans to stay until the end of his five-year contract, it’s probably wise for the family to buy, rather than rent.

They’ll find some of the city’s largest and most elegant homes in Palmer Woods or Indian Village and with a starting salary of $295,000 a year that will climb to $322,000, Vitti could find those neighborhoods within reach. But living in such rarified zip codes could hurt Vitti’s street cred in a district where 73 percent of students are identified by the state as “economically disadvantaged.”

Given that, he might consider neighborhoods like the University District, Grandmont/Rosedale and West Village that have large homes but are a little more down to Earth. Boston Edison — just over a mile from school district headquarters in the Fisher Building — could also be a great choice.

Below are some listings we found, all with at least five bedrooms. Please add your suggestions on our Facebook page.

The Tigers den

This stately $395,000 house in Boston Edison has great tile work and  detail — not to mention a storied past as a home to a former Detroit Tigers owner. It could be costly to heat and maintain.

36 Longfellow St.


The mansion

At $699,999, this Indian Village mansion could be a budget-buster but wow!


2501 Iroquois


The gated community 

If Vitti doesn’t care about budget, or about finding a home with historic character, he and his family can pick up this newly constructed five-bedroom in a gated community near Belle Isle. It would cost them $1.2 million but they won’t have to deal with the aggravations of a owning a historic home.


26 Sandbar Lane


The mayoral digs

Or, Vitti could channel a city leader from Detroit’s past and move his family into the  five-bedroom tudor where Jerome Cavanagh reportedly lived when he was mayor. It’s listing for $399,000.

18085 Parkside Street


This is just a start however. Where do you think the Vittis should live?