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Rise & Shine: Will some Detroit teachers soon get a raise?

Good morning and welcome to Friday. We’ve got lots of headlines this morning including Lori’s story about a possible pay increase that could be coming to veteran teachers in Detroit’s main district.

We also have an interesting story from our national team about the impact of bringing middle school students to college campuses.

Read on for more. And, whether you’re off next week for spring break or coming to work as usual, have a great weekend!

— Erin Einhorn, Bureau Chief

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TEACHERS Detroit Superintendent Nikolai Vitti told the audience at a community meeting this week that he’s “committed to raising salaries, primarily for those teachers who’ve been in the district the longest.” The district is currently negotiating a new contract with its teachers union. Chalkbeat

COLLEGE Spending time on college campuses seems to increase the odds that students will take honors or advanced courses in ninth grade — but does not increase the likelihood that students will make plans to attend a four-year college. Chalkbeat

DAYCARE Advocates alarmed by day care centers closing blame tough state regulations that make it harder for child care providers to survive. Cadillac News

READ An education advocate explains why he thinks Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s call to roll back the third grade reading law is “misguided.” Mackinac Center

ENROLLMENT A conservative news site notes that the declining enrollment numbers that have been troubling one of the state’s wealthiest school districts are related to the district’s refusal to welcome out-of-district students. CapCon

SAFETY More than 200 schools will receive $25 million in grants in improve school safety and security. WXYZ

SPY A federal judge sided with a state teachers union in its lawsuit against a right-wing organization that infiltrated the union with an undercover spy in 2017. The judge denied a motion that sought to dismiss the suit. AFT

SHOT Students walked out of a suburban high school to protest the school’s decision to ban a student who was shot. WXYZ