Rise & Shine: Indiana students react to high school’s Confederate flag ban

7 things you need to know about Indiana education

TESTING: Indiana appears to have reached a new normal when it comes to ISTEP scores: For the third straight year, about half of students passed this year’s exams. Read more from Chalkbeat and check out our interactive database to find out how your school did. You can also find stories from the Post-Tribune, The Star Press, the Journal & Courier, WFYI, the Indy Star, and the Journal Gazette.

GAINS AND LOSSES: We took a look at the Indianapolis Public Schools that had the biggest gains and losses in ISTEP passing rates, and we found some surprises. One big take away: Many innovation schools are showing significant improvement. Read more in Chalkbeat.

DACA: The Trump administration’s promise to end DACA is causing ripple effects in schools across the country. In Tennessee, some schools were already seeing declining Hispanic enrollment following crackdowns on illegal immigrants. And nearly 200 Teach for America educators are undocumented immigrants protected by the program.

NEW LEADERSHIP: On Wednesday, the Indiana State Board of Education voted to appoint a new executive director. Read more from the Associated Press.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Applications for scholarships for aspiring teachers are now open. The state will accept them through Nov. 30. Read more from The Statehouse File.

HURRICANE RELIEF: Students in Indianapolis are doing more than just raising money for those who lost their homes and belongings because of Hurricane Harvey — they’re learning about compassion and empathy, too. Read more from WISH-TV.

DEBATE: An Indiana high school has banned Confederate flag symbols after multiple incidents caused arguments and disruption at the school, officials said. Read more about student reactions to the move from Fox 59.