Rise & Shine: Americans support teachers even when faced with strikes, poll says

Happy Friday!

Today, you’ll find a Q&A with a teacher from the Insight School of Indiana, an online charter school under the Hoosier Academies umbrella. She talks about how her work might not look all that different from teachers at traditional schools — and it reminded me of a class I observed of one of her teaching colleagues at Insight’s now-closed sister school.

Listening to the teacher work on math skills with nine online students, I was struck by how much it sounded like any physical classroom I’d been in. The teacher joked with her students, greeting them before class and checking in with them throughout the lesson, and the kids responded as kids do — asking questions and chatting with friends, albeit in a message box rather than leaning across to a neighboring desk.

All in all, it was a classroom visit I haven’t forgotten, and it definitely helped me better understand online learning. I hope you’ll learn something, too, in Stephanie’s story below!

— Shaina Cavazos, reporter

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