Rise & Shine: Co-founder of a struggling voucher school tries again

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Indiana Virtual School and its sister school have faced the harsh light of public scrutiny for more than a year. First, a Chalkbeat investigation revealed systematic failures at the charter schools. Then, the authorizer made several allegations, including that most of the students who were enrolled for all of last year never earned any credits.

As a hearing on whether the schools will keep their charters approaches, however, school leaders are hoping to escape the spotlight. The schools have not filed a written response to the authorizer’s allegations, and their attorney told Chalkbeat he would prefer to settle the matter privately.

“In a public forum, a lot of things can come out that may not be in the best interests of the parties or anybody,” attorney Thomas Burroughs said. “You may end up just with a mudslinging event.”

Read on for the details.

— Dylan Peers McCoy, reporter

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