Rise & Shine: Education is on the ballot across the U.S. today — here’s what to watch for and why it matters

6 things you should know about Indiana education

  1. SCHOOL CULTURE: When it comes to moving the needle on ISTEP, this Franklin Township principal said school culture and collaborative teaching helped make a difference. Read more about her school’s progress in Chalkbeat.
  2. TEACHER VILLAGE: Mayor Joe Hogsett is breaking ground on the “Teacher Village” this morning. The new east side development is designed to attract and retain teachers in the city. Read more about the project in Chalkbeat’s story from earlier this year.
  3. ELECTION 2017: Education is on the ballot across the country today — here’s what you should know and why it matters. Read more from Chalkbeat.
  4. HAPPINESS: Improving student test scores might have an unpleasant cost. A new study finds that on average, teachers who are good at raising test scores are worse at making kids happy in class. Read more in Chalkbeat.
  5. WOKE’ TEACHERS: As the IUPUI school of education separates from the Bloomington campus, the college is weaving issues of race and social justice throughout the curriculum. Read more in the IBJ.
  6. SERVING TRANS STUDENTS: Indiana Connections Academy, one of the state’s largest online schools, has grappled with how to accommodate transgender students. Now, at the urging of their school leader, the school has made some big changes to ensure all students feel welcome. Read more in Education Week.