Rise & Shine: Gary strikes a debt deal with the IRS

Education news is a little quiet in Indiana this morning, so I’m including an interesting story we noticed out of California, where teachers at a virtual charter school have unionized. It’s an unusual move: Across the country, 11 percent of charter school teachers are unionized, compared to about 70 percent of all teachers, Education Week reported.

— Dylan Peers McCoy, reporter

TRAINING TEACHERS: Faced with a shortage of teachers, Lawrence Township Schools is trying to grow its own crop of educators. A new program in partnership with IUPUI will help teachers aides and other non-licensed school staff members earn teaching licenses while they work. Read more in Chalkbeat.

DEBT: Gary Schools made a deal with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The district is paying $320,000 in exchange for the feds forgiving an estimated $8.4 million debt. Read more in the Post-Tribune.

UNIONS: A group of teachers in California have formed the first union for a virtual charter school. The school, which is run by the for-profit K12 Inc., enrolls an estimated 12,000 students in the state. Read more in NPR and Education Week.