Rise & Shine: McCormick wants to make the mandatory school age younger

HIGH SCHOOL CLOSING: Indianapolis Public Schools held its last two public meetings this week at campuses that face big changes under a plan to close and reconfigure the district’s high schools. The meetings drew large crowds who implored the board not to approve a plan. Here is more on the meetings at Arlington and Northwest and some of the reasons why Arlington and Northwest may be facing closure.

TEACHER OF THE YEAR: The Indiana Department of Education Announced 10 finalists for the 2018 Teacher of the Year, including three teachers from Marion County. One of the finalists is Kathleen Rauth, a librarian at Center for Inquiry Schools 2 and 27, who Chalkbeat wrote about earlier this year.

SCHOLARSHIPS: A fledgling philanthropic foundation is doling out scholarships to college-bound seniors. The catch? Only Arlington High School students are eligible. Read more from WFYI about the program and the alumni who hope more community involvement might help the school stay open.

SCHOOL AGE: Although others have tried and failed, state Superintendent Jennifer McCormick hopes to persuade lawmakers that Indiana should change a law that doesn’t require students to start school before age 7. Read more from WFYI.

NEW CLASSES: Indiana students now have an opportunity to take an ethnic studies elective in high school — but it was a long journey to get the law that created the course passed. NUVO has the story.

CHURCH AND STATE: A McCordsville teacher sent a note home asking students to refrain from talking about religion in class, but the move backfired, spawning instead a free speech debate. Read more from the IndyStar.

UNDOCUMENTED: Lawmakers this week debated whether students who are undocumented immigrants should be eligible for in-state college tuition. Currently, state law prohibits it. Read more from CNHI and the Associated Press.