Rise & Shine: Software update deletes Noblesville students’ work on school iPads

Indiana lawmakers have been debating a controversial expansion of state takeover measures in Gary and Muncie schools for months. On Monday, they finally passed the bill in a special session. Chalkbeat reporter Shaina Cavazos breaks down what the bill does, and what the implications might be for other districts that fall into similar financial straits.

— Stephanie Wang, bureau chief

TAKEOVER: Convening in a special session Monday, lawmakers approved controversial expansions of state takeover in Gary and Muncie schools. Along with consequences for the two districts in question, the measure brings other education policy changes that could affect the rest of the state. Chalkbeat

In addition to state takeover, Indiana lawmakers also passed bills to improve school safety and expand 529 savings accounts to apply to private school tuition. Associated Press, IndyStar, Fox59, RTV6, WISH, WFYI

COMMON CORE: A survey gets at something often overlooked in the political controversy that would eventually surround the Common Core standards: what it felt like for students to see their classrooms change. Chalkbeat

MANUFACTURING: In the RV capital of the world, an employer wants to show students how the factory work requires engineering, language arts, and creative skills. South Bend Tribune

TECHNOLOGY: Some students in Noblesville lost their work when a security update deleted notes and assignments off their school iPads. WTHR