Rise & Shine: The DeVos confirmation vote is here


THE DEVOS VOTE: After weeks of attention, U.S. education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos will finally face a vote on the floor of the Senate today. She was approved by the Senate’s education committee last week, but two Republicans have pledged not to vote for her, possibly putting DeVos’ confirmation in peril. Read the latest on Devos in Chalkbeat.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: As the current administration moves to keep out some immigrants and promises to build a wall at the Mexican border, students and families are increasingly afraid of deportation. But in fact, even undocumented students have many of the same protections as their peers who were born in the U.S. Read more in Chalkbeat.

ONLINE SCHOOLS PROPOSAL: A new House proposal would allow the state’s struggling virtual charter schools to remove students who make a habit of not coming to class. One authorizer thinks it could help the schools overcome problems of high mobility and lack of student engagement, but critics say traditional schools face the same issues. Read more here, and find our series on virtual schools here.

‘I HOPE HE LASTS’: School 43 was in turmoil last year after the principal abruptly left in February. But with a new principal who grew up in the neighborhood on board, the school started the year with a fresh sense of hope. The Indianapolis Star stopped by the school to see how the year is going.

SCHOOLS CHIEF CHANGE: The Indiana Senate began discussions of whether to make the state superintendent an appointed position or keep it as an elected office. Today, the committee on elections heard Senate Bill 179. Read more about the hearing at the Indianapolis Star, and about the argument over state superintendent selection — a priority of Gov. Eric Holcomb — at Chalkbeat.

STRINGS ATTACHED: A proposal to bail out the cash-strapped Gary school district is making its way through the Senate. But in order to get the financial help, the school board would lose control of the district and the purse strings would be handed to an appointed emergency financial manager. Some lawmakers are also calling for a moratorium on new charter schools in the city. Read more in NWI and the Post-Tribune.