SINGLE SCHOOL In the first round of schools facing takeover under states’s receivership law, only one Bronx school will be impacted. That result is not what Governor Andrew Cuomo wanted and raises questions about whether the state education department watered down the law. Chalkbeat

IN THE ZONE The Community Education Council in District 3 came up with its own plan to rezone schools on the Upper West Side. Chalkbeat, Wall Street Journal, New York TimesSchoolBook

Meanwhile the city, which was expected to present a final draft of its proposed rezoning Wednesday evening, decided to postpone its presentation. DNAinfo

TESTING TESTING New York’s education policymaking body could ask the legislature for millions of dollars to revamp state tests, including funds for project-based assessments and reinstating foreign-language Regents exams. Chalkbeat

DIPLOMA DRAMA The state amended a new graduation option for students with disabilities to ensure no students will have to leave high school before they are ready. About 280 students took advantage of the graduation option last year. Albany Times Union

WRONG PLACE A federal judge told families suing the Department of Education over safety issues that their problem was “best solved outside the courtroom.” New York Daily News

POOR CHOICE Opinion: The NAACP did not act in the best interests of black students when it decided to support a moratorium on charter schools. Wall Street Journal

SUIT UP The assistant principal at P.S. 24 is suing Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, claiming he was targeted for exposing an alleged scandal to prevent low-income students from enrolling at the school. New York Daily News

MURAL MAKEOVER A new mural at P.S. 11 in Brooklyn features the opening lines of 12 books coming out next year. DNAinfo

HOMELESS CRISIS The number of homeless students in New York City skyrocketed to 105,445 during the 2015-2016 school year. The 74

THE VOTE The head of the state Republican party is claiming the state’s teachers union violated election laws. New York Post

RENEWAL TALK Declining enrollment at the city’s “Renewal” schools show that the program is failing, writes Jenny Sedlis, the executive directory for StudentsFirstNY, an advocacy group. New York Post

TEACHER RALLY Editorial: This time, teachers are rallying for the expansion of charter schools. New York Post