BARRIERS TO ENTRY High schools that are supposed to admit students by random lottery collect extra information about applicants, raising questions about whether rules for “limited unscreened” schools can be bent. Chalkbeat

TECHIE IN CHIEF A chief information officer has been appointed for New York City schools. Chalkbeat

CIRCLE TIME An elementary school in the Bronx saw a 43 percent drop in violent incidents after piloting “restorative” practices. Dozens in schools have signed up for training to implement similar programs. DNAinfo

WILL SUE FOR WORK A teacher in the “Absent Teacher Reserve” has sued the Department of Education to return to the classroom. New York Post

BEYOND SUSPENSIONS More than 9,000 students were suspended or removed from class multiple times. The head of the teachers union says that’s evidence “either the students aren’t getting the intervention services they need, or if they are, that those services aren’t effective.” New York Post

TESTING TESTING Water tests at dozens of Staten Island schools have shown elevated levels of lead. Here’s how the Department of Education monitors water quality. Staten Island Advance

SCIENTIFIC REASONING With only a third of American fourth- and eighth-graders scoring at or above proficient on national reading exams, one author asks why better use of the science of literacy isn’t used. The Atlantic

EDUCATE THE VOTE Election Day isn’t just about the presidential election. Voters in 11 states will cast ballots on a range of education issues, from school funding to charters. The 74