A NEW SOLUTION When a counselor at New Heights Middle School realized her students didn’t have the means to make it to open houses or high school fairs — a crucial step in gaining priority status at many schools — she asked the high schools to come visit. Chalkbeat

PAST ELECTION COVERAGE Last month, some voting-age students told us they would be thinking about Trump’s comments about immigrants, and their own future job prospects, as they head to the polls. Chalkbeat

Past elections have proven to be lucrative opportunities for school PTAs selling baked goods to the throngs waiting to cast their ballots. Chalkbeat

FUTURE ELECTION COVERAGE The charter sector still lacks a candidate to challenge Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2017. Politico New York

DATA DUMP The data released last week about city students with disabilities is tainted by a poor reporting systems that makes it difficult to determine whether students are receiving the services they need. SchoolBook

GOTV Mayor Bill de Blasio spent Monday trying to convince college students to vote. New York Daily News

POLITICAL PRAYERS Church parishioners were reminded of the state’s contentious education tax credit this weekend, when fliers inside their parish bulletins urged them to support state Senate candidate Chris McGrath over current state Senator Todd Kaminsky. Politico New York

SEAT SWAP The Department of Education wants to phase out middle school grades and add elementary school seats at P.S./M.S. 282. DNA info, Chalkbeat (Nov. 4)

COOL SCHOOL At a school in Crown Heights, the principal has kept a focus on activism and college readiness. DNAinfo 

LOCKDOWN Students at Susan E. Wagner sheltered in place for over an hour after there were reports of a man with a gun outside of the school. Staten Island Advance

NAP TIME Editorial: The Absent Teacher Reserve is mainly a collection of teachers who can’t be fired but should not in classrooms. New York Post

IMMIGRATION NATION A school district on Long Island invited Board of Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa to help them figure out how to educate an influx of immigrant children. CBS