UWS REZONING Tonight is the final vote for a long-debated rezoning plan for Upper West Side schools. But a separate proposal that would redraw school lines in Harlem will likely get put on hold. Chalkbeat

REBRANDING What’s in a name? A lot of baggage, if that name happens to be “Common Core” learning standards. One organization is pushing for a name change in New York. Topping the list so far: Empire State Learning Standards. Chalkbeat

CASH FOR COLLEGE Thanks to a $10 million donation, New York City will help parents of kindergarten students save for college by giving them cash. New York Times 

MAKE ROOM The city is planning to turn an old warehouse and a closed religious school into public schools on Staten Island. DNAinfo

SHARING IS CARING The principal of a charter school in the South Bronx says she looks for employees who are willing to share reflections on their own lives with students. DNAinfo

CLOSE CALL Parents on Staten Island got a note home saying some students were threatened with a gun while standing outside their school. Staten Island Live

COLLEGE BOUND A new college center has opened up in a Staten Island middle school as part of efforts to make sure all students go on to university studies. Staten Island Advance

TAKING OFF The Indian community is asking for Diwali to be recognized as an official school holiday. Staten Island Advance

Readers were asked to weigh-in on whether students should get floating holidays to observe religious celebrations. Staten Island Advance 

MANDATED REPORTER A teacher is suing the city, saying she should have been protected from an attack by a mother whom she had reported for child neglect. New York Post

FOOD BANK The city is pouring $600,000 into opening food pantries at some schools to make sure homeless students don’t go hungry. New York Daily News

WHAT’S AHEAD Where does Trump stand on education policy? It’s anyone’s guess, given how little the president-elect said during the campaign. New York Times