A RE-EVALUATION City and union officials announced an agreement Wednesday on a system to evaluate New York City’s educators. The deal is a win for the UFT, and will allow for a greater focus on student work in lieu of test scores. Chalkbeat, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, DNAinfo, SchoolBook, New York Post, Staten Island Advance

MAYORAL CHALLENGE Josh Thompson has joined a growing list of de Blasio challengers and is running on an education-heavy platform that supports school vouchers, merit pay, and charter schools. Chalkbeat

ICYMI New York City’s high school admissions policies have led to a system of privilege using academic screens. More than half of incoming ninth graders who passed state English and math exams in 2015, for instance, were clustered at less than 8 percent of the city’s schools. Chalkbeat

FAKE NEWS If you’re reading this newsletter, chances are you care about thoughtful reporting and are concerned about the rise of intentionally false news. But if you’re wondering what to do about it, there’s a movement you can join. Chalkbeat