Rise & Shine: How running a school on Rikers Island helped shape a superintendent

AFTER RIKERS Tim Lisante, superintendent of District 79, found his calling thirty years ago, helping students incarcerated on Rikers Island. Now he helps them come home. Chalkbeat

BEYOND ‘NO EXCUSES’ Ascend charter schools have moved away from the rigid “no excuses” style of discipline used in other charter schools. New York Times

MESSING WITH ESSA Congress is working to undo Obama-era rules designed to hold schools accountable for student performance under the Every Student Succeeds Act. New York TimesPolitico

TEACHER TROUBLE A teacher with a history of inappropriate behavior was transferred to a Renewal school during her investigation. New York Post

BILINGUAL ED The city’s expansion of bilingual programs will bring 24 new dual-language and transitional bilingual programs to Queens. Times Ledger

ONLINE OPTION The city’s Independent Budget Office floated the idea of offering students a period of “e-learning” rather than hiring a substitute when a teacher is out sick. New York Post

HOLD THE LINE Opinion: The state should resist calls to improve teacher diversity by dropping the Academic Literacy Skills Test. New York Post

DIVERSITY STRUGGLES The city’s efforts to improve diversity in its specialized schools have largely failed, judging by new admissions numbers released this week. DNAinfo

Only one black student was offered admission to Staten Island Tech, one of eight specialized high schools that use a common test for entry. Staten Island Advance

Opinion: It will take more than crash courses and testing tweaks to improve diversity at top schools. Huffington Post

FEARING ICE New York City students are increasingly terrified that their parents will be deported under Trump administration rules. NPR

SCHOOL MEALS Less than a third of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals in New York state actually receive them. The Journal News

PRINCIPAL POWER Opinion: Strong principals have been a key factor in turning around Chicago schools. New York Times

RAISING THE BAR In Spokane, Washington, a school district aims to send more students, regardless of family income, to college. New York Times