FIRST PERSON Navigating the city’s high school admissions process is challenging for typical students. But Abraham Weitzman — a nonverbal eighth-grader who uses a wheelchair — explains what he overcame to find a public high school. Chalkbeat

SENATE SAYS The state Senate passed a budget proposal Wednesday that includes a new vision for college affordability, a different take on school funding, and more support for charter schools. Chalkbeat

RAISE THE AGE The Republican-led Senate included a provision that would discontinue the practice of charging all 16- and 17-year olds as adults. But even though the legislature and governor have signaled support for the change, its future is still uncertain. Chalkbeat

MAYORAL CHALLENGER Paul Massey, the best-funded mayoral challenger, jumped into education politics with a glowing review of a charter school — while laying out an agenda that is broadly similar to de Blasio’s. Politico New York 

LEAD LEVELS After 10 schools in Lower Manhattan showed elevated levels of lead in their water, elected officials called on the education department to step up its communication with parents and city officials. DNAinfo, Patch

TEACHER TEST Editorial: The state’s Board of Regents lowered standards for teachers in eliminating a controversial literacy exam, a key certification requirement. New York Post

Opinion: The change in teacher certification requirements coupled with a Manhattan Institute report that shows school climate has deteriorated under de Blasio suggests that policies designed to protect students and teachers of color have gone awry. National Review 

DOUBLE TAKE After outcry, the education department appeared to reverse course on a decision to waitlist 58 students at P.S. 24 in the Bronx. Riverdale Press

SNOW DEFENSE Mayor de Blasio said closing schools on Tuesday was necessary and assured reporters that the bar for declaring a snow day is not being lowered. New York Times