Rise & Shine: Despite pushback, city panel approves closure of five more Renewal schools

RENEWAL CLOSURES The city’s Panel for Educational Policy approved five Renewal turnaround schools for closure, despite hours of passionate testimony from parents, educators and city officials. Chalkbeat, New York Daily News

On Tuesday, Public Advocate Letitia James said one of the schools — J.H.S. 145 in the Bronx — should not be closed without a vote by the local Community Education Council. New York Post

LITERACY TEST Critics say the heated debate over the state’s decision to drop the Academic Literacy Skills Test for teachers misses a bigger conversation. Chalkbeat

SUPREME COURT The U.S. Supreme Court better defined the federal standard public schools must meet for its special education students. Chalkbeat, New York Times

CHARTER CASH Opinion: UFT President Michael Mulgrew says charters are asking for more funding from the state when they don’t really need it. Gotham Gazette

SPECIALIZED SCHOOLS Opinion: If we really want to improve diversity at specialized high schools, we need to stop using a single test for admission. New York Times

SCHOOL SAFETY Opinion: Max Eden, author of a recent Manhattan Institute study on school climate, says the city is making it impossible to compare school surveys year to year. New York Post

RETHINKING DISCIPLINE We don’t yet know what the nationwide effort to reduce suspensions will mean for students. NPR

SCHOOL SUPPLIES Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal wants to supply women in schools, prisons and homeless shelters with free tampons and pads. New York Post

COMMON CORE Local tutors offer tips for helping students pass upcoming math and English exams. New York Post

OPTING OUT New York state advocacy groups say hundreds of thousands of families are preparing to opt-out of this year’s math and English exams. Huffington Post

CHARTER CHANCE Sean “Diddy” Combs is encouraging families to apply to his Harlem charter school by April 1. DNAinfo

IN THE ZONE What happened to Mayor Bloomberg’s once-promising Innovation Zone? EdSurge

VOUCHERS AND INTEGRATION A new report from the Century Foundation looks at the impact school vouchers could have on school segregation. The Atlantic