13 REASONS WHY Parents may soon receive a letter from the city warning them to “be aware” of what their children are watching, including the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” which addresses sexual assault, bullying and suicide. Chalkbeat, New York Post, DNAinfo

TEACHABLE MOMENTS A New York City teacher talks about a touching moment when students in her class banded together to help a fellow classmate. Chalkbeat

COMMON CORE Do the revised state learning standards mean the end of Common Core? Staten Island Advance

Editorial: The changes to Common Core will soon make kids “look a lot smarter.” New York Post

SIGNING DAY Governor Cuomo signed into law $25.8 billion in education spending, which includes a $386.8 million increase for New York City. Newsday, Associated Press

NOISY NEIGHBORS De Blasio is working against a bill that would limit construction noise near schools. New York Daily News

CLEAN CAFETERIAS State Senator Jeff Klein backed off a plan that would force city schools to post letter grades based on the cleanliness of their cafeteria. New York Post

ONGOING INVESTIGATION UFT chapter leader Colleen Siegel is claiming there is an effort to remove her from her union position as payback for the investigation into principal Jill Bloomberg. New York Post

A judge rejected Bloomberg’s request to halt the investigation late Wednesday. New York Post

FINISH LINE Governor Andrew Cuomo referenced the movie “Animal House” to justify his requirement that students graduate on time in order to qualify for the state’s new scholarship program. New York Post

TELL ME ABOUT IT Administrators at a school nearby to a shooting had not been informed about it. DNAinfo

SCARY MOMENT A teenager carried a gun to his Brooklyn school. Fox 5

SINGLE STALL Editorial: The city plans to install single-stall bathrooms in every public school but there’s still no real word on how much it will cost. New York Post

LEGISLATIVE LEADERS In Colorado, New York and soon in Tennessee, a policy fellowship is giving educators the chance to craft legislation. Chalkbeat