VYING FOR VOUCHERS Betsy DeVos faced tough questions from lawmakers about whether private schools in voucher programs should be allowed to exclude LGBT students or those with disabilities — and the answer appeared to be yes. Chalkbeat

STUDENT STABBING Four teenagers were stabbed during a fight outside a Manhattan high school Wednesday. New York Post, New York Daily News, Associated Press

PARENTAL CONSENT Parents at Central Park East I and Park Slope Collegiate have expressed concern that the Department of Education’s Office of Special Investigations interviewed their children without clearing it with them first. WNYC

TEACHER SHORTAGE The hardest-to-staff positions in New York are science, math, special education, bilingual education and technology, according to the New York State Schools Boards Association. Associated Press

ONLINE EDUCATION Bronx Arena High School uses online curricula to help students who are older than average and behind on credits make it to graduation, without deemphasizing the role of its teachers. Slate, Chalkbeat (7/19)

FIRST PERSON Parents deserve better communication from the education department about the safety of school drinking water. amNewYork

PARKING PLACARDS Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to crack down on parking placard abuse on the heels of giving 50,000 new placards to school personnel. amNewYork, Streetsblog, New York Post, Staten Island Advance

Editorial: The promised crackdown is hypocritical given that de Blasio just issued thousands of new placards. New York Post

IMPROPER CONDUCT A Queens superintendent has been accused of groping a co-worker. CBS New York, NBC New York

HATE CRIME A substitute teacher accused of removing a second-grader’s hijab has been charged with a hate crime. New York Daily News

NEW SCHOOL City Council moved to acquire property for a new 800 seat school in Staten Island that would help relieve overcrowding. Staten Island Advance

SCHOOL CHOICES Supporters of school choice, including Jeb Bush, are addressing an inconvenient series of studies that show some students who received a voucher performed worse on standardized tests. Chalkbeat