Schools with vacancies will be assigned staffers from the Absent Teacher Reserve

DRAIN THE POOL A new city policy will place staffers from the Absent Teacher Reserve in schools that struggle to fill vacancies — possibly even over principals’ objections. ChalkbeatNew York Daily News, New York PostWall Street Journal

Opinion: The policy could put ineffective teachers back in the classroom. New York Post

MAKING GAINS A new report from the Manhattan Institute, a frequent critic of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s education policies, finds that the city’s Renewal program for struggling schools is showing academic payoffs. But the effort is more expensive than previous Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s approach of grading schools. Chalkbeat, New York Daily News, Politico

COME TOGETHER Opinion: James Merriman of the New York City Charter School Center says the charter deal that came out of the battle for mayoral control of schools signals a “new spirit of partnership.” New York Post

SCHOOL-TO-PRISON A new play called “Pipeline” explores how students are channeled from schools into the penal system through the story of a mother and her son. New York Times

GETTING TO GRADUATION A tutoring program for students who are in foster care is showing results, with more students graduating from high school. NY1

CAREER CHANGER Malik Russell left his job as an attorney to become an educator. Now, the principal of Success Academy Cobble Hill Middle School is nominated for a Hometown Hero award. New York Daily News

ON THE PAYROLL Here’s how much teachers, principals and other education department employees get paid. Staten Island Advance

ART IMITATES LIFE In casting the Homecoming scene for the most recent Spider-Man movie, filmmakers wanted to reflect the diversity of Queens. Los Angeles Times