Rise & Shine: Who is in New York City’s controversial Absent Teacher Reserve?

DRAIN THE POOL A new policy for placing educators from the Absent Teacher Reserve into schools — even potentially against a principal’s will — has raised many questions and pushback. Here’s what we still don’t know about the educators who are in the pool, despite multiple requests for information. Chalkbeat

LESSONS IN DIVERSITY Here’s how three New York City teachers make sure all students are reflected in the curriculum. Chalkbeat

GOING UP Teach For America is placing more teachers in New York City classrooms after recruitment fell drastically. Could the current political climate be a factor? “People are realizing it matters to get involved, that we all have a responsibility,” one TFA executive said. Chalkbeat

ON THE JOB TRAINING Summer interns are getting hands-on training by working with city mechanics to keep the municipal fleet in shape. NY1

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE? The education department is set to approve a contract for almost $670,000 for a math program that was developed by a former employee, which critics say violates ethics rules. New York Daily News

SCHOOL SUPPLIES A mother’s back-to-school backpack drive for homeless students is in its 15th year. New York Daily News

LIBRARIANS WANTED In 87 percent of Harlem schools, there is no librarian despite a state law requiring them. That’s according to The Harlem Council of Elders. New York Post

NOT WELCOME A summer camp teacher was arrested and barred from working with the education department after being accused of hitting a student. New York Daily NewsGothamist

The teacher was formerly an AIDS activist on Staten Island. Staten Island Advance

CLASS IS IN SESSION New York State is offering $7 million in grants to colleges to offer classes to convicted prisoners. New York Times