Rise & Shine: Here are some top 10 lists pulled from New York City’s 2017 test scores

TOP OF THE LIST Which New York City schools had the largest and smallest shares of students scoring proficient on state tests? Which schools showed the most improvement? Here are some top 10 lists pulled from the 2017 scores. Chalkbeat 

You can search for your school’s test scores in our new database. Chalkbeat

SHOPPING SPREE Teachers can shop for free school supplies at a Long Island City warehouse stocked by Materials for the Arts. Qns

BUDGET LINES New York City charter schools receive less funding per student than traditional public schools, according to a new study. New York Daily News

STILL WAITING Opinion: The education department has repeatedly blown its own deadline for an investigation into yeshivas. New York Daily News

HISTORY LESSON New York textbooks from the era Donald Trump was in school describe the Civil War as the “War Between the States,” and one called the KKK “patriotic.” The Atlantic

PERFECT TIMING When is the right time for children to learn another language, or pick up an instrument? A psychology professor explains when kids should be learning. NPR

FACING FEARS For many students, going back to school means facing anxieties and fears. Here are some tips for handling those jitters. NPR