Rise & Shine: What you should know about the ESSA plan New York is sending to Betsy DeVos

NEED TO KNOW New York’s top education officials are expected to approve the state’s ESSA plan Monday. Here are five things to know before it lands on Betsy DeVos’s desk. Chalkbeat

NOW HIRING The education department is looking for a new enrollment chief who will help implement of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s diversity plan. Chalkbeat

DEFENDING DACA Less than two weeks into his college career, William learned that his immigration status could be in jeopardy after President Trump vowed to end the DACA program. The 19-year-old New Yorker from Ecuador is still figuring out how to cope with the news. Chalkbeat

Here’s how schools, colleges, and universities are protecting students who have depended on the DACA program. Politico New York

CHARTER CERTIFICATION Opinion: SUNY’s plan to let its charter schools avoid the traditional teacher certification process is good news for educators and students, according to a teacher at Democracy Prep Pathways charter school in Harlem. New York Times

LEAD BY EXAMPLE New York City recently made school lunch free for all students. Could the new program be a national model? WNYC

ELECTION TIME Editorial: With the city’s mayoral primary set for Tuesday, the Daily News evaluated mayor de Blasio’s first term, including key elements of his education agenda. New York Daily News

TUITION HIKE Editorial: Despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s free college plan, the SUNY Board of Trustees raised tuition by $200, which means many students will wind up paying more. New York Post

SCHOOL SUIT An assistant principal at Frederick Douglass Academy VI High School says the principal forced her into retirement so he could replace her, according to a lawsuit. New York Post

PRIMARY DAY Some officials are calling for schools to close on primary election days — like the one coming up this Tuesday. New York 1

NEW SCHOOL At Manhattan’s WHIN Music Community Charter School, teachers integrate music lessons across the curriculum — including math and English. DNAinfo

VICTORY LAP Opinion: Just days before the primary election, Mayor de Blasio ticked off elements of his education agenda — including universal pre-K — as key achievements. New York Daily News

ONGOING INVESTIGATION The de Blasio administration has vowed to investigate whether the city’s Yeshivas are delivering an adequate education. But the education department’s investigation has moved more slowly that officials promised. New York 1

BY THE NUMBERS As part of its education issue, the New York Times Magazine laid out statistics that show pervasive racial inequality in American education. New York Times