Rise & Shine: SUNY overhauls controversial charter school proposal

RULE CHANGE A state group that oversees some New York charter schools has overhauled a contentious proposal to let its schools certify their own teachers ahead of a vote on the plan this week. Chalkbeat, Wall Street Journal

‘MOU’ The NYPD’s deep involvement in school security stems from a nearly two-decade-old agreement between the police and education departments that has never been updated — until now. Chalkbeat

QUESTIONING COLUMBUS School districts across the country, including one in New York, are replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. Wall Street Journal

In New York City, advocates rallied outside education department headquarters Monday calling for more diverse and historically accurate teaching materials, including changes to how Christopher Columbus is taught. New York Post

SAFETY SURVEYS Teachers and students rated at least 13 city schools as dangerous and disorderly as the Bronx school where a student was recently stabbed to death, according to education department surveys. New York Post, NY1

DISASTER RESPONSE Students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands who attend the State University of New York will pay in-state tuition this school year. New York Times

CHARTER TRUCE Unlike during his 2013 campaign, Mayor Bill de Blasio has declined to attack charter schools during his uneventful reelection campaign, which the charter sector has largely stayed out of. Politico New York

BROADWAY BOUND A new partnership will give every 10th-grade student in New York City $10 tickets to see a Broadway show. Playbill

SHOOTING THREAT A student at La Guardia High School was arrested after allegedly threatening on Instagram to shoot up his school. New York Post

ALLEGED ABUSE A Queens teacher was arrested Friday for allegedly sending nude photos and videos of himself to a 15-year-old former student and asking her to do the same. New York Daily News, New York Post, NY1

DRUG BUST A former Brooklyn principal has lost a bid to keep her job after admitting she tried to smuggle heroin and other drugs into an upstate prison. New York Post

ABSENTEE TEACHER A Queens teacher is suing to get his job back after showing up late or skipping school 76 times in two years. New York Post

WARDROBE WARNING A dance teacher was brought up on misconduct charges, including verbal abuse, after she reprimanded a group of cheerleaders who she said were wearing revealing outfits. New York Post

Opinion: The Post called the teacher’s disciplinary hearing “madness.” New York Post

SCHOOL SAFETY Opinion: The Post says that school safety stems from well-run schools. New York Post