Rise & Shine: How Eva Moskowitz is remaking public education as we know it

THE LONG GAME Eva Moskowitz has created a remarkably successful, alternative school system within New York City that she hopes will grow to include 100 schools and over 50,000 students. But what does this grand experiment mean for the future of public education? Chalkbeat

HIGH STAKES For students in New York’s new “Excelsior” program, which provides free tuition for state public schools, the penalty for failing to stay on track is substantial: Students must pay back a semester’s tuition and forfeit future funds. Chalkbeat

TRANSITION TIME The city is opening centers in every borough to help students with disabilities plan for life after high school, and to train school personnel on how to guide families through the process. Chalkbeat

CALL TO ACTION The city’s approach to school integration is “still-hesitant,” according to three council members who are calling for more aggressive action. Chalkbeat

SPACE WARS Success Academy Cobble Hill has been engaged in a three-year battle with the city over middle-school space. New York Post

BOMB SCARE A Brooklyn high school was evacuated Wednesday after it received a bomb threat. NY1

TOP PRIZE Stuyvesant High School’s cheerleading squad took top honors at a regional tournament. New York Post

NOT GUILTY? Op-ed: Stuyvesant students were stunned that the man accused of carrying out a deadly terror attack within steps of their school pleaded “not guilty” in court. New York Daily News

VIEW FROM THE BRONX Op-ed: A state lawmaker from the Bronx urges the city to provide space for more charter schools, which he says his borough sorely needs. City & State

THE ‘PORTFOLIO’ MODEL  From Atlanta to Cincinnati to Oakland, a loosely connected network of nonprofit groups is working to upend the traditional school district. Chalkbeat