Rise & Shine: Affluent students are far more likely to be in gifted programs, study shows

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As New York City weighs changes to its gifted and talented programs, a new study shows that elementary school students from wealthier households are much more likely to be in gifted programs than their classmates from lower-income families.

Chalkbeat’s Marta W. Aldrich breaks down the findings. Across America, Marta explains, “a student from a family in the top fifth of economic and social status is twice as likely to receive gifted services than an equally achieving peer in the bottom fifth.”

And now that Mayor de Blasio’s presidential campaign is over, The New York Times editorial board has some ideas for how he should spend the final two years of his mayoralty. Among other suggestions, the board wants to see de Blasio “aggressively working to desegregate the city’s public schools,” noting that black and Hispanic students are extremely underrepresented in the city’s gifted programs.

Read on for all the latest NYC education news.

-Gabrielle Birkner, Story Editor


MONEY VS. MERIT A new report looks at access to gifted programs, weighing such factors as family income, parental education, and occupational prestige. Chalkbeat

BACK TO WORK While changing admissions policies at some of the city’s specialized high schools would require backing from Albany, “there’s plenty that the mayor can do on his own to help black and Hispanic students enter other top high schools, and to integrate the schools in the earlier grades,” the Times’ editorial board says. New York Times

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