Rise & Shine: An exit interview with NYC schools veteran Phil Weinberg

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Today we bring you some of Phil Weinberg's reflections on leading schools and systems in New York City (and a really great photo of him in his 1990 classroom.) After three decades, the longtime principal and instructional leader is stepping down for a position at the Writing Revolution.

Plus: Hear from from the head of a diverse network of schools about what it takes to build welcoming and inclusive learning environments. And, with Democratic presidential hopefuls shining a light on busing and integration, we summed up what the research says about both.


— Christina Veiga, reporter

EXIT INTERVIEW Former principal and deputy chancellor Phil Weinberg reflected on his three-decade career in New York City schools before heading to a new position with the Writing Revolution. Chalkbeat

FIRST PERSON The head of a diverse network of New York City schools wants to broaden the integration conversation beyond the specialized high schools. Chalkbeat

2020 VISION Here’s what the research says about the affects of busing and integration on student outcomes. Chalkbeat

PLAYTIME A pair of parents argue that punishing students by taking away recess is cruel and, despite regulations to the contrary, all too common. New York Daily News

GET THE LEAD OUT Members of New York’s congressional delegation are asking the city to conduct more testing for lead dust to be conducted in schools after a WNYC report. WNYC

PRINCIPALS MATTER Opinion: The long battle over the leadership of former LaGuardia principal Lisa Mars raises questions about how to rid schools of ineffective leaders. The Hechinger Report

SAFETY FIRST Bullying remains a problem in many New York City schools, though the education department is spending $8 million on tackling the issue. Wall Street Journal

DATA DIVE Opinion: The disconnect between the number of students passing their classes but failing to show proficiency on state tests shows there’s a “swindle” going on in schools. New York Post

JURY DECISION A jury awarded millions to a former Beacon high school student who was badly burned in a science experiment gone terribly wrong. New York Post, New York Times

MAKING THE GRADE Every 8th grader at a Bronx Success Academy school passed the Algebra Regents exam, according to the charter network. New York Post