Rise & Shine: Critics say New York’s proposed rating system for schools sends the wrong message

METRICS MATTER New York state’s proposed rating system for reporting on how well schools serve specific “subgroups” of students creates uneven standards for students of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds, some critics say. Chalkbeat

COMMUNIST COMPARISONS A teacher from the Bronx compares many things about working in a school to, “Poland, 40 years ago.” Chalkbeat

VOUCHER PROBLEMS Thousands of students are not receiving special education services because of a voucher system that requires parents to find providers, according to a report from the public advocate’s office. New York Times

CALLING A TRUCE A letter from charter network leaders signals the mayor and charter sector leaders have reached a truce. Politico New York

LANGUAGE LIMBO Ambiguous language in state law raises questions about whether it was necessary to clarify that the city could reissue 22 charters. Gotham Gazette

TOUGH TALK Mayoral candidate Bo Dietl said the school system should say “bye-bye” to teachers who engage in misconduct. New York Daily News

HOMETOWN HEROES A technology teacher in Queens is trying to help young girls learn how to code. New York Daily News

COMPLAINT FILED A former school aide in the Bronx was accused of sexually abusing a student. New York Daily News