Rise & Shine: Dip in major crimes, arrests in New York City schools

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Despite a fatal stabbing at the beginning of the school year, major crimes are down in schools for the first quarter of 2018, according to police statistics.

Plus, read about the teachers who inspired Anoopa Singh to return to her old high school — this time as a chemistry teacher.

And, this retired New York City teacher is "amassing a shrine to the whole educational system" by scouring old classrooms, eBay, and collectibles dealers.

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CRIMES ON CAMPUS There was a dip in the number of major crimes, use of handcuffs, and arrests on school campuses, according to new data. New York Daily News

FIRST PERSON A New York City chemistry teacher was drawn to the classroom thanks to two of her own teachers — one who brought biology lessons alive and another who showed her how much care went into his lessons. Chalkbeat

OLD SCHOOL A retired New York City teacher is expanding his already massive collection of school artifacts. New York Times

GETTING POLITICAL Students across the city will be registering to vote today. The 74

ANOTHER WAY State leaders in places like New York are pursuing laws to help unions with recruitment and retention in anticipation of a Supreme Court ruling that could end mandatory dues from non-members to help pay for collective bargaining. Politico

BUCKLE UP After a fatal school bus crash in New Jersey, the New York Times looks into where and when seatbelts are required. New York Times

MOMENT OF SILENCE Some parents and students were upset with a moment of silence at Beacon high school for victims of violence in Gaza. New York Post

JOB PROTECTIONS A three-year statute of limitations means that some principals accused of sexual harassment won’t face disciplinary action. New York Post

Opinion: That protection goes “far too far.” New York Post

STAYING SAFE Though the Parkland, Fla. school shooting prompted New York officials to pursue school safety measures, momentum has slowed now. Politico 

STANDING UP The principal of the Computer School, who forcefully pushed back against parents who were protesting an integration plan, says there is “an urgency to act” on desegregation. NY1

HOW TO INTEGRATE The founders of charter networks in Los Angeles say schools can be integrated here by opening more high-quality options. New York Daily News 

LEADERSHIP CHANGE Staten Island parents are fighting against the appointment of a new principal at Port Richmond high school, citing an ongoing investigation into whether the principal registered her car at the address of an education department contractor. New York Post

BREAK A LEG LaGuardia high school is tough to get into — but competition for the famed school’s productions is particularly fierce. New York Post