Rise & Shine: Do students deserve an ethnic studies class? One Brooklyn teacher thinks so

FIRST PERSON Opinion: New York’s students should have a class dedicated to historical struggles and social movements of ethnic minorities, writes Will Ehrenfeld, a social studies teacher at Pathways in Technology Early College High School in Brooklyn. Chalkbeat

SUCCESS STORY A new study found that students at Success Academy showed about a year to a year and a half of additional learning in math compared to similar students who also applied to the school. Chalkbeat

HOW I LEAD A community school director explains how she tries to remove the physical and emotional barriers to learning her students face. Chalkbeat

BEATING THE ODDS Mott Haven Academy Charter School is designed for children in foster care, but it outperforms the city on math tests. Wall Street Journal

LAWSUIT The family of a five-year-old boy whose parents describe him as “gender expansive” filed a lawsuit alleging their son’s public school created a hostile environment for him. New York Times

INTEGRATION CONVERSATION When desegregation orders are lifted, black and Hispanic students are more likely to drop out of school, according to a new study. Chalkbeat

FOR SALE Manhattan District 4 superintendent Alexandra Estrella will face a $3,000 fine for selling her home to a teacher working for her. New York Daily News

COLLEGE CONUNDRUM Opinion: Public universities must promote economic mobility, writes Harold Levy, executive director of the Cooke Foundation. New York Daily News

FUNDING FIGHT Charter schools get less money per student, according to a new study. Staten Island Advance

TEACHER POOL Opinion: The DOE administrator in charge of the city’s ATR plan was accused of not protecting students from a teacher at Brooklyn Tech who engaged in inappropriate behavior. The 74

NO EXCUSES According to a new study, attending the Chicago-based Noble charter network helps students succeed after high school. Chalkbeat

BIZARRE BEHAVIOR A former teacher who allegedly asked students to massage her feet and comb her hair is suing for another job. New York Daily News, New York Post