Rise & Shine: Eva Moskowitz talks about vouchers, discipline, and why she supports Betsy DeVos

ON THE RECORD In a wide-ranging interview, Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz talked about her support for Betsy DeVos, the future of the city’s charter sector, and her approach to school discipline. Chalkbeat

TESTING TIME State testing kicks off next week, and myths abound about how they’re used — in teacher evaluations, admissions, and more. Here’s a cheat sheet. DNAinfo

NEW HOLIDAY The State Senate passed a bill this week to make St. Patrick’s Day a holiday for New York City public schools. Village Voice

SCHOOL SAFETY Elementary-age students committed more low-level sexual offenses, assaults, assaults with injuries, and assaults with injuries using a weapon than middle-school, junior-high and high-school students combined, according to state data. New York Post

CHARTER WARS Opinion: “The UFT has done its darndest to create conditions that have caused charter schools to plan for a rainy day and then damned them for buying an umbrella,” writes the NYC Charter School Center’s James Merriman in response to UFT chief Michael Mulgrew. Gotham Gazette

COLLEGE INVESTMENT Opinion: State lawmakers should commit to boosting funding for CUNY, especially as they consider expanding access to it. Gotham Gazette

NOT SO FAST Opinion: UFT chief Michael Mulgrew argues the Trump administration should seriously consider the benefits of after-school programs before cutting them. The Hill

CURTAIN RAISER Staten Island’s Susan Wagner High School is set to perform the musical “Evita” later this month. Staten Island Advance

SCHOOL CLOSURE City officials voted Wednesday night to close five schools in Mayor de Blasio’s turnaround program. DNAinfo, New York 1, Chalkbeat (3/22)

BUS CRASH An eight-year-old was struck by a school bus in Brooklyn. New York Post

THE SUPREMES The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to raise the bar for educating students with special needs will affect millions of people. The Atlantic