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Rise & Shine: For low-income students, attending college is one thing. Graduating is another.

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Today we're bringing life to troubling statistics about low-income students' trajectories after they leave districts where schools have long struggled. In a series of stories, Chalkbeat will be following high school grads from Detroit and Newark as they try to beat the odds and earn a college degree.

Plus, read about an online petition blasting a potential Regents exam question that referred to "illegal aliens," more analysis on that viral Atlantic piece claiming there's a culture war in New York City schools, and another critical take on District 15's integration efforts.

— Christina Veiga, reporter

CRITICAL THINKING An online petition blasts a potential Regents question for repeatedly referring to “illegal aliens.” Chalkbeat

READY OR NOT Explore our series Ready or Not, which follows high school graduates from cities where schools have historically struggled as they fight to earn a college degree. Chalkbeat

PLAYING CATCHUP Opinion: New York City’s focus on school integration fails to wrestle with all the other reasons so many students aren’t performing on grade level. The 74

ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE The viral Atlantic essay about District 15’s effort to integrate schools was “swiftly” accepted as reality even though it doesn’t match with most parents’ experiences in the school system — a reflection of the lack of diversity in the journalism field. Columbia Journalism Review

POSITIVE VIBES The chancellor and first lady visited a Brooklyn school that has made mental health and emotional supports core to its mission. News12

SAFETY FIRST Some are worried a new school in Pacific Park will create safety issues for pedestrians. Brooklyn Daily Eagle

BIG IDEA Rather than focusing on Success Academy, the fast-growing IDEA network deserves more attention. New York Daily News

INTEGRATION BATTLES In an essay, Matt Welch writes that concerns about District 15’s middle school integration plan were drowned out by accusations of racism. Reason