Rise & Shine: Here’s what you should know about de Blasio’s education record this election day

Good morning and happy Election Day!

If you've been following Mayor Bill de Blasio's reelection campaign, you've probably heard him brag about his widely celebrated expansion of pre-K to all city four-year-olds. But the mayor's education record on issues like segregation, struggling schools, and discipline is more complicated.

And if you're headed to the polls but still confused about the pros and cons of con con (the constitutional convention ballot measure) check out our explainer about how it could affect educators and students.

Finally, two Brooklyn high school teachers who have campaigned for paid family leave scored an important victory: The city's teachers union is publicly taking up their cause.



ELECTION DAY Mayor Bill de Blasio has been eager to tout his widely celebrated pre-K program on the campaign trail. But here’s what else you should know about what he’s accomplished (or hasn’t) over his first term — and what to expect from a second one. Chalkbeat

PRO OR CON (CON) The city’s teachers union has lobbied against Tuesday’s ballot proposal that would create a state constitutional convention, fearing it could hurt teacher pensions. Others argue it could have serious benefits, including boosting school budgets. Chalkbeat

ACTION ALERT After two Brooklyn high school teachers began a campaign for paid family leave, the United Federation of Teachers is taking up the fight. Chalkbeat, New York 1

STAYING STRONG Opinion: Stuyvesant High School junior Benjamin Tanmoy Shapiro has a message for the perpetrator of last week’s terror attack: “You annoyed us. You made us late from school. But you didn’t scare us.”  New York Post

BLAST FROM THE PAST Many years ago, Baltimore school officials visited a New York City school where all of the changes between classes were “performed in marches” and were “regulated by pianos.” The 74 

SCHOOL STATUS Eight New York City schools earned perfect scores on the New York School Quality Index, a ranking conducted by the USA Today Network that sorts schools on measures like attendance, class size, and teacher experience. Journal News

BUS STRIKE A strike in some nearby school districts forced the city’s Office of Pupil Transportation to make contingency plans for hundreds of students in Queens. Associated Press